Shimmer x Matte is the brain child of Caryl, an eighteen-year old Business Management student. This space is dedicated to all things beauty. Well, most of the time. There may be entries about sappy poetry and random life happenings from time to time.

Why Shimmer x Matte?

Prior to the creation of this blog, I was maintaining a personal diary-style blog. However, during that time, I was just starting to explore the world of makeup. It was too late before I realized that my blog has completely shifted from my personal experiences to beauty product reviews. That's when I seriously started contemplating on making a beauty blog. I didn't know what to call it yet - in fact, I didn't know whether I had enough experience with makeup for me to start such a blog. However, the name Shimmer x Matte just came up to me one day; that's when I knew that I had to open up a new space that is solely dedicated to beauty. Now, here I am, trying to write about things that I am passionate about.

So, hello. Welcome to my blog. Thanks for taking interest in my humble abode and I hope you'll continue visiting from time to time.