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by - Friday, October 21, 2016

Rainy afternoon, everyone! Classes have been suspended yesterday due to #LawinPH, and because of that, I had a lot of time to sleep, clean my room, cook food, and to do my school requirements. As I was cleaning, I came upon a paper bag filled with empty bottles of products that I've already used up. I figured it was finally time to start this blog's Product Empties series. Truth be told, I am someone who rarely ever uses a product long enough to finish it - but lo and behold, this year proved otherwise. It's a miracle, to be honest, and this is why I'm starting this series: so that I'll have a reason to finish up the things that I buy and share my honest thoughts with you. Let's start!


L-R: Aveeno Hair Care Nourish + Dandruff Control Shampoo, Tresemme Split Repair Serum
Aveeno Hair Care Nourish + Dandruff Control Shampoo
I was looking for a shampoo that I could alternate with my sulfate-free shampoo as the latter tends to build up on the scalp. I decided to get this one because it claimed to moisturize the scalp and make hair healthier. It did a good job of keeping my hair feel clean without overly stripping it of moisture. It didn't seem to have made my hair oilier either.

Will I repurchase? While I do think this is a gentle anti-dandruff shampoo, I probably wouldn't repurchase it any time soon because it's expensive.

TreSemme Split Repair Hair Serum
I bought this product two years ago because I used to suffer from severe split ends. I don't remember why I never got around to using it; it was only a few months ago year I rediscovered this purchase. Even though this "split-sealing" serum seemed gimmicky, I still went ahead and tried it. I believe it did help a lot in strengthening the ends of my hair, though I still can't tell if it's able to help seal split ends. It's immediately absorbed by wet hair but I wouldn't apply this when it's dry because the formula is quite thick and heavy. However, even though the formula is thick, it is not sticky - rather, it glides on smoothly to hair.

Will I repurchase? I will not because I am not a fan of the smell and I realized that my hair isn't prone to split ends anymore (because I haven't chemically treated it in more than a year), though I do recommend it to those who are suffering from split ends.

L-R: Snoe Hair Heroes Super Fresh Sage Tea Tree & Peppermint Conditioner,  Lush Cosmetics American Cream Hair Conditioner
Snoe Hair Heroes Super Fresh 5-in-1 Sage Tea Tree & Peppermint Conditioner
I bought this conditioner because I thought that the sage tea tree and peppermint would be very good for the hair. It's worth mentioning that this is a multipurpose product - you can use it as a cleansing conditioner, as an after-shampoo conditioner, as a shaving cream, or even as a treatment mask. 
I loved it at first - it gave off the right amount of minty feeling and it made my hair feel soft. However, I realized that it weighed my hair down and because of that, my usual waves would look like a frizzy mess. 

Will I repurchase? Unfortunately, I will not because it is too silicone-y for my taste and it didn't make my hair look any better. It is also very pricey (Php 550+). 

Lush American Cream Hair Conditioner
I was looking for a nice-smelling conditioner because I don't wash my hair everyday; I needed something that can make my hair smell good until the next day, which by the way, is kinda hard to do if you live in the city. After reading reviews of this product, I decided to buy it even if it created a huge hole in my pocket (Php 795). I didn't like it at first because my hair was harder to untangle than usual but I grew to love it. It's so lightweight; in fact, it accentuates the waviness of my hair. This being silicone-free might add to your skepticism but it's somehow able to make my hair soft and manageable. Have I mentioned that it smells like vanilla and honey? The scent lasts all day: although it doesn't linger until the next day, it doesn't make my hair smell bad either! The only downside is that I tend to use a lot more product as compared to other silicone-infused conditioners. So this means that if I use it everyday, it wouldn't be very economical in my part. Luckily for me, I don't (LOL!).

Will I repurchase? Yes! I even bought the biggest size of this because it's that good.


L-R: Etude House AC Clinic Acne Foam Cleanser, Etude House One Shot Clean Mascara Remover 
Etude House AC Clinic Acne Foam Cleanser
Etude House always gives out travel/sample sizes of their products when you reach a certain amount from your purchase. I brought this with me during a trip and I liked it. It smells like tea tree but it's not an awful scent. I like that it's foamy, cleans my face well, and doesn't leave off an awkward film once washed off. I haven't used it long enough for me to know it does help with acne. 

Will I purchase? Yes, if the dermatologist will allow me to use a face wash of my choice.

Etude House One Shot Clean Mascara Remover

I've mentioned in my latest review that I use an Etude House mascara remover to take off extremely waterproof mascara: I was talking about this product. This remover doesn't melt off waterproof mascara in "one shot", but it's still so much better than the other removers that I've tried. Other people get turned off by the film of oil that it leaves; personally, I don't mind since I cleanse my face afterwards anyway. The only thing that I don't like about this product is that it's always out of stock! 

Will I repurchase? Yes, it's a great makeup remover!


L-R: Bath & Body Works Mad About You Eau de Toilette, Evolution of Smooth Hand Lotion in Berry Blossom
Bath and Body Works Eau de Toilette in Mad About You
I asked my grandma to buy this for me because I fell in love with the matching body cream that I received from my aunt back when she visited the Philippines. The Mad About You line smells like candy in my opinion, but it doesn't smell sickly sweet. Rather, it has a floral tone to it that makes it extremely wearable. I chose this instead of the body mist thinking that the scent would linger a lot longer, but I was wrong. I honestly think that the body mist performs just the same.

Will I repurchase? No, because it's not available in the Philippines, it's expensive, and it didn't perform as well as expected.

Evolution of Smooth Hand Lotion in Berry Blossom
I bought this from S&R. it came in with 2 other hand lotions and their corresponding lip balms. I am not a fan of the smell and the formula is very watery. It's convenient though as it's light and doesn't take up too much space. 

Will I repurchase? No, there are much better hand creams in the market that aren't as expensive.


Top: The Face Shop Designing Eyebrow Pencil in 04 Dark Brown
Bottom: Etude House Drawing Eye Brow in 03 Gray Brown
The Face Shop Designing Eyebrow Pencil in 04 Dark Brown
This is my first ever automatic eyebrow pencil, and I'm glad I bought it. This pencil is creamy but not waxy, and it has the right amount of pigmentation that wouldn't make you look like you have sharpie brows. It's easy to shape and fill-in the eyebrows with its slanted tip. It also comes with a spoolie which is very convenient.

Will I repurchase? Yes, it's my HG brow pencil!

Etude House Drawing Eye Brow in 03 Gray Brown
I wasn't planning on buying this but I had no other choice because TFS' eyebrow pencil was out of stock back then. They were extremely similar so I thought why not, it's a lot cheaper anyway. They have almost the same packaging and slanted tips. The only difference is that Etude House's is a lot creamier and so it's easier to overdo the eyebrows. It also breaks off badly! I broke off more product than I was able to actually use, which is extremely annoying.

Will I repurchase? Only if The Face Shop's eyebrow pencil is out of stock again.

Well, that's it for today's product empties! I hope you liked it and if you want me to do a review for any of these products, please let me know in the comment section down below! x 

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  1. The Lush American Cream Hair Conditioner sounds lovely

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  4. Such a lovely post! The makeup remover sounded really good!❤️

  5. I love reading empties posts, I love when you get a realistic idea of the product after you used all of it! I never get to finish my products, I have only done one empties post and hopefully soon I will make another one :)


    1. I definitely get you with the never-finishing-a-product dilemma. Looking forward to your next empties post! :)

  6. Nice products thanks for the review

    xx LL

  7. I have tried Etude House's eyebrow pencil, and I liked it. But if you like The Face Shop's better, I guess I should try it then! :) Thanks for sharing this!

    Melissa the Mermaid ♥

    1. It's a little bit more expensive than Etude House but I think you'll like it as well. Thanks for stopping by! :)

  8. I find Lush conditioners super awesome...they not only smell good but also leave your hair soft. Great that you will repurchase it!

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