Chanel Rouge Coco Shine Mighty Review

by - Wednesday, March 01, 2017

Never in a million years would I have thought that I'd own a Chanel lipstick, but here I am, writing a review for one! I know, I know, I'm kinda overreacting, but Chanel is definitely not one of the brands that currently come to mind when I am buying makeup. Fortunately, my good friend gave me this lipstick last year for my birthday and it's only now that I finally had the courage to review it. So, if you want to hear my thoughts about the Chanel Rouge Coco Shine Hydrating Sheer Lipshine, read on!

Claims (from the Macy's website)

The exciting next chapter in the evolution of the iconic modern creme lip color, ROUGE COCO SHINE Hydrating Sheer Lip Shine provides beautiful, lasting, moisturizing shine in a water-light texture. It glides on for easy application and is available in a complete range of shades, from delicate beiges to dazzling berries, with hints of shimmer to enhance a glossy finish.

Product Name: Chanel Rouge Coco Shine Hydrating Sheer Lip Shine
Shade: 116 Mighty
Made in France
Net wt.: 0.1 oz of product
Life Span: 18 months after opening
It comes in a reflective black and gold cardboard box and inside is the lipstick itself which is packaged in a sleek, reflective, black and gold casing. On top, you will see the Chanel logo and at the bottom, you will see the shade name and other information. I fell in love with the packaging, but look at that amount of lipstick! When I tried twisting the bullet to see its whole length when I first got it, I was shocked at the amount - it was so little considering its price (I'm just assuming it's expensive, because, you know, Chanel).

Here is the product itself. Mighty, to describe it simply, is your typical hot pink color. Now, I would never go for bright pinks and so I was worried I wouldn't be able to pull it off. However, when swatched, I believe that it's a lot more forgiving.

Top swatch: 1 layer
Bottom swatch: Multiple layers
I'm really not a huge fan of shiny lips, which will explain why I only own two tubes of lip gloss (which I didn't pay for and has never been used), so it's only logical that I wouldn't be such a huge fan of this. However, it does live up to its claims of being lightweight, sheer and hydrating. I do like to wear this when I just want a wash of color on the lips, or if my lips are extra dry and just want moisture with the additional benefit of color because I have really pale lips.



 My experience with this product is quite a hit-and-miss. There would be days when it would just glide on smoothly and leave me with hydrated lips. Then, there would also be days when this would just ball up and emphasize my dry, flaky lips. While this is indeed moisturizing,  it will emphasize flakiness so it's better to exfoliate first before using this.

The color itself is quite tricky to wear too. I can only apply a layer or two for it to work on my skintone; more than that and my skin will start to look sallow.

Color payoff is great, considering this is a sheer lipstick. I find that it lasts for 3-4 hours on me before I find the need to reapply again - I really don't mind considering it is a shiny lipstick. It does leave off a natural-looking stain though, which I really like. It will definitely wear off after eating but reapplication is a breeze (unless, again, you have flaky lips, which then the lipstick will probably emphasize them).


I would recommend this to people who love reflective, hydrating and sheer lipsticks and have some extra money to spare. However, if you're a fan of matte lips, then avoid this product by all means. Maybe, I would have liked it more if I got a my lips but better shade, or if it didn't ball up on me at times - but right now, it's just an okay lipstick that can't be justified with its price. However, I'm still really thankful to my friend who gave it to me so I would keep using it until I run out of it.

Would I repurchase? Probably not in the near future.

Rating: 3/5


Thank you so much for reading! I hoped you like this review. Have you tried this product before or any other lipstick from Chanel? Which would you recommend? x 

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  1. I wish it had a little bit more pop or intensity to the color! But it could be great for a natural no-makeup makeup look! :)

    1. Yes, it definitely is perfect for a natural no-makeup makeup look. Thanks for dropping by! x

    2. I agree this will be great for a natural look. It would also be nice if you pair it with bold eye makeup