I'm back! + Christmas Bazaar Haul

by - Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Hey there. Sorry for being away for so long, but I'm back! 

How is the Christmas season treating you? For me, I got the holiday bug a bit later than other people but now I just realized how close Christmas is. And speaking of the holidays, I can't believe the good deals that are being offered right now - please don't be like me who spent most of her money on makeup!

Anyway, my long absence can not be justified with any excuse but I just wanna put it out there that school has really kept me chained - tons of papers written, projects presented, and quizzes answered - all of which has left me sleepless for several days. Thankfully, school is finally over for the year - well, it has been since more than a week ago, but I've been hanging out with friends days after finals week ended - so I wasn't able to write immediately. Fortunately, I'm back with a lot of things that I think are worth blogging about.

Meanwhile, since I do not have anything specific to upload as of yet, I thought I'd share with you things that I bought last week from the World Bazaar Festival held at World Trade Center Manila. All of the things I will be showing are stuff that I got for myself - so to speak, a reward for all the hard work that I exerted for this year. My high school best friends went with me; it has become a tradition of ours to go to bazaars during the holiday season.

Ta-daa! Here is an overview of the stuff that I got; most of them are impulse buys but I love them all nonetheless.

1. Fanny Serrano Cosmetics Angled Liner Brush (Php 50)
FS Cosmetics had a booth and they were selling everything for such a low price! They told us that the reason why is because of their new branding - from Fanny Serrano to Features & Shades - and that they were selling them discounted because all of the items had the old packaging. Unfortunately, I did not buy any makeup because I heard from my mom that relatives might be giving me some for Christmas *fingers crossed*

The brush was originally Php 100 but it was being sold for half the price. The brush is too stiff and it hurts my eyes in terms of eyeliner application but it works so well for eyebrow powder/pomade application.

2. Scents for Senses Diffuser Oils (Php 100 | L-R: Cherry Blossom, Sandalwood, Baby Powder)
I have a diffuser at my condo and the current scent that I have is almost out; I was contemplating on getting a big bottle but decided to go for smaller bottles instead so that I can get more variety. My favorite is definitely Cherry Blossom!

3. Unbranded 12-pc Eye Makeup Set (Php 850 from Chedelyn Cosmetics)
I've always wanted to buy the Riot Brushes complete eye set and I was hoping they'd be there at the World Bazaar Festival. They weren't there, sadly, but I chanced upon this set from Chedelyn Cosmetics' booth and I knew right away that these are the exact set from the former, except that it's so much cheaper!
The blending brushes are a bit prickly which is expected because the bristles are made of natural goat hair, but they still blend shadow easily and I couldn't ask for more. 

4. Clip-on Ring Light (Php 400)

This was actually what I was hoping to find when I went to the bazaar. Ever since I've started creating different makeup looks, I've always had trouble taking pictures taking at night because my ceiling light isn't that great and my impromptu light (emergency light) washes me out too much. I'm so happy that I found this being sold for the stated price because Instagram sellers would usually sell them for Php 650 and above.

5. Keychain Holders (Php 50 each)
Truth be told, this was an impulse buy. I wasn't planning on getting any trinkets but this just caught my eye and immediately bought the holder in pink and black - I didn't even know whom to give the other one two but my sister asked for the other one so there's that. 
Look how cute it is!

6. Character Socks (Php 100)
For Christmas this year, I decided to get all of my friends cute socks! I wasn't planning on buying anything for myself but I just couldn't stop myself from getting a pair (because, hello, Totoro). 

7. Real Techniques Sculpting Set from Pretty Girl Manila (Php 450)
When I first heard the price of this brush set, I was like "o m g is this real life". I immediately bought it even though RT brush sets usually retail for Php 1000 or more because I was sure that the one I bought was legit because it came from a pretty reliable reseller. When I opened it, I found that some of the letters have already faded and maybe that was why it was discounted. I even checked the website and blog posts to see if my brush set was original - and thankfully, it is. I still can't believe I got them for such a low price!

8. Travel Organizer (Php 150)
I rarely travel but when I saw this, I thought it would be great to use for whenever I go back and forth from the province to the city especially since my skincare products have been increasing. It fits all of my necessities and I love that I can easily throw this into my bag when I need to go somewhere. 

That's it for my haul! Since then, I have bought more products that I think might be good for another post. Until then, kindly look forward to my future updates. If you want to see a review on any of the products that you see here, kindly let me know down below. Thank you so much for reading and I wish you all a very merry holiday! 

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  1. lovely post i have that real techniques brush set and i love it!!
    welcome back!!

  2. I love real techniques I really want this set!

    Lauren x http://www.huggled.co.uk/

  3. i love real techniques brushes and this set is amazing ! it has a great value !