Etude House Curl Fix Mascara Review

by - Saturday, October 08, 2016

As a girl who was born with short lashes and nonexistent lower lashes, plus the fact that I have oily lids, mascara was one of those things that I used to ignore when I first started using makeup. I find that they were a waste of time - no matter what I use, they just didn’t have any effect on my lashes. If they even had an effect, it was only momentarily until my lashes go stick-straight again; and if I’m unlucky, I’d look like a panda by the end of the day. However, I don’t share the same view anymore because I finally found a mascara that has worked wonders for me; it’s Etude House’s Lash Perm Curl Fix Mascara!

Price: Php 848
Expiration: 6 months after opening

Shade bought: Black

Net Wt.: 6.5g/0.22oz

Shades available: Black, Brown, Burgundy, Pink


 This is a curl fix mascara that completes powerfully curled up fine eyelashes for 24 hours with its strongly adhering Curl 24 hour Technology on drooped lashes. 

Claims (from the Etude House website)

  • Curl every single lash, fix all day long: The "Curl 24HR Technology" delivers powerful performance to lift, define, and curl even tiny lashes for 24 hours.
  • Curl-fixed lashes for 24 hours: The "Curl 24HR Tech" lifts lashes up poerfully and fix the curl (Black only).
  • Dual jelly brush: Delicate and soft 'Dual Jelly Brush' pull all eyelashes even the tiniest lashes to curl and fix.
  • No smudge, no clump: With the powerful waterproof function to water, sweat, or sebum to keep curl for long and not to get smudged.
*Curl 24HR Technology: The new technology made of 'Perfect Lash Fixer' ingredient to make and fix lashes' curl for 24 hours (tested and certified by Elid Corp.)

The Wand

The wand, to me, is the selling point of this mascara. It is made of silicone which lessens the tendency of mascara to clump. The shape of the brush is unusual as well; it has a domed part and a flat part which has their intended purposes.
  • Flat Jelly: Combs lashes in zigzag to make lashes become easier to curl.
  • Jelly Dome: Curls lashes upward tightly and fixes 24 hours.
To be honest, the claims and wand seemed gimmicky at first but it does work. The wand is quite small and chunky which makes it hard to use especially on the inner and outer parts of the eye but I'm gonna give it to Etude House this time because the brush does what it promises to do.
I always mess up the lower lashes and the mascara tends to transfer on my mobile lid when it's still wet. Sometimes, I even get mascara on my nose bridge. But I guess, me not being careful has something to do with it.
  1. Organize lashes with the flat jelly part of brush starting from lash roots, brushing in a zigzag motion. 
  2. Complete curled up, 360 degrees spread out fine lashes by gently brushing lash's upper, lower, front, and back parts with the jelly dome part of brush.
To be honest, I don’t follow the instructions, ha ha. I just usually use the flat jelly part of the brush to lengthen my lashes - this is perfect for natural days. I rarely use the dome jelly side because it tends to make my lashes look clumpy. However, for days when I want to volumize my lashes, I use the dome jelly side at the roots of my lashes and just apply it halfway. The result is volumized-yet-wispy lashes. 

I find that I can apply 2 coats of this without my lashes looking like spider legs. The formula is especially great when it's still new. However, three to four months in, and you will find that the mascara clumps especially if you use the dome jelly side of the wand. It's probably an indicator that you need to get it replaced.


This mascara is what dreams are made of. It clings on to every little hair - the results are luscious lashes I never thought I could have. It stays on and it doesn’t budge! I swear, I took a bath while wearing this and while I lost some of the curl, the product pretty much stayed on. The only downside to it is that you need industrial-grade mascara remover (and a whole ton of patience) to completely take this off. I find that the mascara remover from Etude House is the best match for this. I can’t say that cleansing oils, micellar water, or even coconut oil works as great, unfortunately. 

> extremely waterproof
> zero smudge
> highly pigmented
> keeps curl longer than other mascaras (10-12 hours)
> secure packaging
> volumizing
> lengthening
> dries fast
> lightweight 
> unique wand design
> formula did not dry up fast (I threw my first tube away after four months because it started becoming really clumpy but the formula was still pretty useable if watered down with eye drops)


> hard to remove
> clumpy if not used properly
> expensive 
> application tends to get messy

Will I repurchase? Definitely!

Do I recommend it? Yes, if you're looking for a mascara that will survive through heat and tears! No, if you loathe extremely waterproof mascara.

Verdict: 4.5/5

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  1. You have lovely eyes and it really looks like that mascara does what it promises. Is it the kind of mascara that just flakes off when you wash your face with soap? That's called "tube technology" mascara and I love how it doesn't smudge no matter what. If it is, then if makes sense that cleansing oils don't work for removing them. Tube technology is meant to removed with soap and water or some other non-oil based makeup remover :-)

    1. Thank you for the compliment! I do not think that this is a tube technology mascara as the Etude House mascara remover that I'm using is oil-based. I have also used soap in removing this but to no avail - I guess it's just really budgeproof. But thank you for letting me know about tube technology mascara, I haven't heard of it before. How was your experience with this kind of mascara, and do you have any recommended product that I should try? :)

    2. They've actually been around a long time. Maybelline's Rocket Mascara is one of them. It sort of coats the lashes and hardens. And that's what makes it smudge proof. But you know, your Etude House mascara seems to perform better.

  2. Thanks for sharing your discovery! I'm using Maybelline's Great Lashes on and off and so far okay pa naman. I just have a hard time removing them. I'll try Etude House's next time :)

    1. Oh, I've heard good reviews about that mascara and have always wanted to try it, hopefully I'll see it in the Maybelline counters soon. Yes, definitely try Etude House's mascara :)